We believe that prayer is a vital part of the recovery process for people with mental illness and for those who love and care about them.

This page offers some prayers for people to use as they journey with mental illness.

Prayer to Heal the Brokenness:
Gracious God, I come to you broken and alone. Feeling helpless and without comfort. I don’t know what is happening to me and I find my life out of control and so very painful. Please send light into this darkness. Please help me through this day….even just through this next hour. I am lost and I need your help to guide me.

Prayer for This One I Love:
Oh Holy God, what is happening to “this one I love”? Where I saw joy and gladness now I only see deep sorrow and pain. How can there be so much despair and sadness in “this one I love?”  Take it away….take it away now. If this illness has to be somewhere….give it to me. I can’t stand watching “this one I love” struggling so hard with life. Have I failed? How can I fix this? Can I love more….can I do more? Lord, don’t leave us alone in this awful place.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Presence
Spirit God, you know our needs
our wounds
our hurts
our fears
even before we can form them
into words of prayer.
You are patient with us.
You are protective of us.
You are present with us
until such time that we are able
to ask for what we need.
Thank you, Spirit God,
for your healing taking place within
before we are even aware
of how broken we have become.

Susan Gregg-Schroeder
In the Shadow of God’s Wings
Upper Room Books, 1997, pg. 116


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