Our team is available to help individuals, ministry teams, men’s or women’s groups, Sunday Schools, pastoral care or outreach teams, Bible study groups, community groups or a small group of interested people to  introduce the topic of mental illness to an established faith community or a community that is being built around mental illness. Depending on your location, we may be able to send a team to you. If not, we can work in a long-distance coaching and encouragement role.

We recognize:

  • the importance of the spiritual journey in the healing of persons with mental illness.
  • the need to educate people about mental illness.
  • the need to work to erase the stigma
  • the need to create caring communities.  


Our hope and prayer is that groups of people will come together in faith, love, and support of people with mental illness and those who love and care about them. These groups can be a small group of individuals or an already established group of any size including faith communities such as churches.  Recognizing the importance of faith in healing, these Caring Communities will provide support through reaching out to persons affected by mental illness through prayer and spiritual encouragement. These communities will help foster an environment of healing and acceptance by helping educate others and breaking down the walls of stigma.


Provide Resources    (Resources)

  • through our own One Mind materials
  • through a list of other materials online
  • delivered and shared in person by team members in certain geographies

Provide motivational and inspirational presentations of real-life encounters with mental illness.

A perfect way to “kick-off” the start of a caring community, spark or nurture interest, or just to begin a discussion.

Some One Mind Presentation Topics:

  • Be Mind-Full… Learn the True Story of Mental Illness
  • The Great Pretender…Being Honest with Yourself and Others
  • Changing the World One Mind at a Time…To Change a Mind, First Touch a Heart
  • Surviving Mental Illness…Creating a Tool Box for Life
  • Dare, Share, Care, Prayer…Creating, Encouraging, and Nurturing Support Groups
  • “64”—Get Out the Big Box of Crayolas...Taking Life from Black and White to Technicolor
  • Control, Alt, Delete…Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness

These presentations are available in person in certain geographies.

Provide on-going team support as you develop a caring community of faith.
Help you organize and lead an
event in your community.

  • An Organizational/Kick-off Event
  • Candlelight Prayer Vigil
  • Blue Christmas Service
  • Blue Christmas Support Group
  • Service of Bright Sadness

Provide Prayer Support (Prayer Requests)


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